3 Tips for Finding the Right Lawyer to Handle Your Accident Claim


After a traumatic accident, you want the best lawyers to handle your car accident case. You want a lawyer that listens to and understand what you’re going through. You want someone who knows what they’re doing and will make your case a priority. If you follow our steps, you will find the best lawyer to handle your case and help you get the compensation that you need and deserve.

1. Research Your Options

The Internet is a very helpful resource. Use it to find the top-rated personal claims lawyer firms in your area. Look for reviews and see what people say about their service. You can also ask your friends and family for suggestions and referrals. Compare them and make a short list of the top three. Make appointments with these firms to have a consultation about your case.

2. Meet With Each Firm

Meet with each of your top firms and hear what they have to say. During your consultation, you should note how they make you feel. Are you comfortable with them? Do they listen to what you’re saying? Do they seem to care about your case? Are they giving you good advice and being honest? The answers to these questions will help you make the decision.

3. Choose the Best One

The best firm and lawyer for you will be the one that made you feel comfortable and like they care about you and your case. It will be the one that you feel gave you the best options and courses of action. The choice will be based on your personal preference. You need to be happy with the lawyer that represents you.

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Choosing the right lawyer to represent you in your personal injury lawsuit is very important. You should take it seriously and make sure you do your homework. A good lawyer will be able to get you exactly what you need and deserve. You want lawyers like those at Washington DC Accident Attorneys.

Car Accidents: How to Prevent Yourself from Causing an Accident

Car accidents are one of the biggest killers in the world. Thousands of people die every year because of negligent driving. This becomes worse over holiday periods. The worst thing is that most of these accidents could have been prevented if the drivers were smarter and more considerate to their fellow drivers. We hope that all our readers would like to avoid ever being the cause of such an unnecessary accident. So, we want to share a few tips to prevent you from causing car accidents as far as possible.

Don’t talk on your cell phone. We know you hear this a lot, but it is very important. Talking or texting on a cell phone has become one of the leading causing of car accidents. You should not attempt to multi-task while driving. Your life and the lives of the other drivers on the road are in the balance. It is your responsibility to stay focused and alert while driving. Don’t use your cell phone while driving. No call is worth taking a life.

Don’t drink and drive. Those famous words are very true. Alcohol diminishes your ability to focus and drive. If you have alcohol in your system, you can be sure that your reflexes will be slower and that your depth perception may be influenced. Driving when you have had a few drinks is very irresponsible. We often hear things like ‘it will never happen to me’ or ‘it has never happened and I’ve driven under the influence before’. The problem is you never know which time will be the last time.

Maintain your car. It is also your responsibility to maintain your car. Your lights should always be functional – head lights, brake lights, etc. Your car should be serviced when indicated and you should never drive with worn-out or damaged brakes. Make sure that your car’s condition cannot cause an accident.

These are three of the most important tips. If you follow them, you are doing your part for prevention. Unfortunately, these actions won’t prevent someone else from crashinginto you, but hopefully, they will make it possible for you to react fast and save your life.

What Type of Damages Can You Claim After an Accident?

When people need to open a personal injury claim they often get confused as to what they can claim for. Personal injury claims can get confusing and messy if you’re not sure what you should do. This is why it is always a good idea to hire a lawyer to take care of things for you. Keep reading to find out what you can claim for.

Vehicle Damage – Most accident claims are for automotive accidents. These include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, etc. You can claim for vehicle damages if your vehicle was damaged or totalled as a result of an accident caused by another party.

Car Rental – If your car was damaged during an accident you probably need a rental car to get around. You can claim for the costs of renting a car because of the damages to your own vehicle. Most insurance companies will reimburse such costs.

Personal Property Damage – This refers to items of value that may have been in the car during the accident and also got damaged. Things like laptops, cell phones, navigation systems, etc. fall into this category. If any property were lost or damaged because of the accident, you can claim for it.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Expenses that fall under this category include taxi fees, bus fare, etc. Any expenses that you had to carry to handle the details of the case. If you had to take a taxi to the police station or make use of a car service because of the damage to your car, you can claim those expenses back.

Injury – If your or a loved were injured during the accident, you can claim compensation. If a loved one died because of an accident, you can claim compensation for the loss. You should consult with a lawyer to fully understand what the claims for personal injury involved.

These are the types of damages you can claim for. We hope that you now have a bit more clarity about what personal injury claims are about. Contact us today for more information!